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I'm just trying to get my life together


When straight guys eat a banana 

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like a black girl can be “nice and respectable and polite ” everything white ppl want her to be but the moment she’s upset about something and gets a little too stern or talks a little too loud to their liking it’s like “ohh here comes bonquisha lol z snap neck roll bullshit” like next time it happens i’m truly beating someones ass

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ive been singing the ‘I will kill you in your sleep so you’d better try to try to keep awake’ into the airvents for the past five minutes and my mom is going crazy because she cant find the source of the creepy music

update: she has called the neighbor over to help her

okay so im recording my voice singing it and putting it in the air vent os it can just keep playing

okay final update: im grounded

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